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Studio in which gaming and crypto geeks collaborate to merge elements of gaming entertainment with blockchain technology.

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We specialize in Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn game titles, each based on the original idea and mechanics with the aim to entertain millions of players globally. Through the integration of the WTHP token ecosystem and in-game NFTs, our aim is to provide an opportunity for acquiring an exchange tool with the potential for growth and value creation.

Decentralized Gaming Revolution

The Problem
The current game development landscape is severely limited, with inadequate utilization of freelance gaming developers. Moreover, free-to-play models are significantly flawed, lacking the potential for a superior play-to-earn model.
The Solution
Creating a sustainable decentralized studio that harnesses the power of global creativity and unites freelancers around the world.
Human creativity
Bringing people together effectively in one working environment has proven challenging. With decentralization and blockchain technology, we can significantly increase efficiency and develop games with minimal additional costs.
Web3 Gaming Gap
The Web3 revolution in the digital sphere leaves a significant gap in the market. Currently, no game studio specializes in physics-based mobile games. Our goal is to fill this gap and capture a significant part of this specific market. ... and that's why we're already working on the first of our games.

Revenue Generation Strategy

Our revenue model takes an innovative approach. We plan to burn our gaming token based on sales in our in-game shop. With each sale, the token supply will diminish, leading to an overall increase in token value.

Player Engagement

Rewarding Environment
We are committed to creating a rewarding gaming environment that incentivizes player participation within our decentralized ecosystem. The more dedicated the players, the greater the rewards, catering to both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts through competitive tournaments.
Diverse Integration
At the heart of our gaming interface lies a client featuring all our games. Additionally, our platform allows other studios to integrate their respective games, subject to approval by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). We value diversity and quality, welcoming different game approaches while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Our team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • David Poncak

    David Poncak

    CEO and Founder

  • Michal Kral

    Michal Kral


  • Web3 Consulting

    Web3 Consulting

    Web3 Consulting

  • Develit.io


    Web3 Development

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How long will you last?!

Innovative pinball-inspired game packaged in an endless vertical challenge.

Master your grip and finger control to deliver an outstanding performance with objects of your choice. Everything relies on your determination and precise hand technique, as speed alone won't do the trick. Whether you seek relaxation, spending some free time or you thrive on competition, dive into this captivating game. Challenge yourself or compare your skills with other #handplayers. Don't forget that the daily dose of practice increases your endurance. SKILL IT!

  • free-to-play (full version coming soon)
  • play-to-earn (coming soon)
  • NFT items (coming soon)
  • relaxing
  • competitive
  • skill-based
  • physics-based
  • hypercausal
  • one-handed control
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